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For a special keepsake

Custom Sculptures & Miniatures

Get a miniature of your beloved pet!

Pet Figurines

Custom Sculptures



Pet Figurine "Small"

~5"x3" or 2"x6"

$125 + Shipping

Custom Figurine




Pet Figurine "Large"

~7.5"x3.5" or 3"x7.5"

$150 + Shipping


Custom Necklace


$40 + Shipping


  1. Click of the "Commission Art" button and fill out the sheet.

  2. I will reply back with a quote for the total cost of what you're requesting.

  3. If you agree with the quote then you can email me/send me photos of what you want me to make.

  4. I will confirm that I received the photos through email, so if I don't reply with a confirmation within a couple days, then I likely didn't receive them.

  5. You will be emailed updates on the progress of the commission and can make changes as I go.

  6. It may take up to 4-6 weeks for the item(s) to be finished as these works are custom. I will let you know the timeline as best I can, but fell free to let me know if there is a specific date you would like it by.

  7. Once the commission is finished and approved, I will give you an invoice where you can fill out the payment options.

  8. When the payment has been submitted, I will ship out the item and send you the tracking information.

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