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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Are you willing to incorporate some of my pet's ashes into a figurine?

Yes! Just place 1-2 tsp (4-8 grams) in a sealable bag and ship it to my address, preferably in a yellow/manila envelope. A tracking number helps too!

Question 2

Do you require a deposit?

No. I currently don't require a deposit to get started. Full payment will be due only after the commission is complete.

Question 3

What kind of photos do you need of my pet?

Usually all I need are a dozen or so photos from all different angles. One important photo I do really need is a photo of the side of the pet's face so I can get the nose right.

Question 4

Do you only do pet figurines?

No! I can do all kinds of sculptures. I can also do other mediums too. Just present your idea to me in an email and I'll get back with you!

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